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Updated: 04.12.11 By Peter Waddington


ERIC systems are already being built or used in most parts of the world right now as some photographs will show on this website, I predicted this would happen several months ago simply because the principles, applied correctly, produce incredible results over all other forms of Koi pond filtration.

Bases and Drains

Before I start this section I must point out I have ever yet to see any two pond bases that are identical. Because of this, this part of the system design must first be considered thoroughly before filter unit/s can even possibly be discussed.

Flow Patterns

Again, this is covered in greater detail on the main website but hopefully, these animated graphics should emphasise the importance of what is probably the real basis as to why ERIC Endless River Systems have been produced in both ready-made and DIY units.

Box Operation

The pure simplicity of the box itself understates the importance of what is contained inside the box and these are all detailed on the next page. This page outlines the box itself and why the need for total simplicity is of great importance to the operation.

Facts or Fiction?

I know of very few who would ask the question – ‘How fast is a motor car?’ or ‘How much water does a water pump deliver?’ but it is reasonable to ask ‘How fast is the latest Ferrari?’ or ‘How much water does an Aquatronic 2000 water pump deliver at maximum output?’

The Making

These units are the very FIRST I have offered for sale and I am completely satisfied with the end results but they could not have reached the perfection they are today without the practical mistakes an experiences that cannot be seen on any line drawings. Instead everything has to be put to the test when the unit is finally running.