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Updated: 06.06.14 By Peter Waddington

Introducing a revolutionary new aeration system for all Eric Filters.

Eric filters rely heavily on vertical (upward) aeration throughout the biological stage in order to confuse the horizontal-water flow pattern.

This in turn ensures that all water passing through the box comes into contact with many biological surfaces along the way as it travels.

Also as a spin-off, this greatly increases the dissolved oxygen content of the water to promote a healthy biomass.

The old UPVC assembly (shown below) has now been discarded for a much better design.

old UPVC assembly

Originally we used membrane diffusers, later to be replaced with air bars, but by using this new system, the aeration in the entire biological stage produces this effect – as seen through this clear demonstration unit –

biological stage produces this effect

The secret behind it all is this false, perforated base that’s welded inside the box and allows a 10mm space below –

perforated base that’s welded inside the box

One single 3/8” UPVC line is connected to the top of the false base and the entire base becomes a giant diffuser that supplies aeration to the cartridge blocks above.

As expected, when the air is turned off, the cavity below naturally fills with water – but after a further ten minutes of running the air, all the water is expelled.

We also have a new model in the Eric range named the ‘Compact Filter’ –

Compact Filter

Compact Filter 1

This tiny unit provides excellent mechanical and biological filtration for fishpond volumes of up to 600-gallons (2,700 litres) of water.

The ‘Compact Filter’ is available either pump-fed or gravity-fed and works exactly the same as the larger units in the range.

An excellent choice for quarantine systems, temporary systems, long-term treatment tanks and is perfect for use on most garden ponds.

The shot below shows a clear demonstration model running for the first time on a pond containing Potassium Permanganate solution. Please note the heavily stained water pushing out the clear water at the other end.

clear demonstration model running for the first time