Automated Eric Koi Pond Filters

Blog 17/06/12

It’s early days yet but I’m still seriously considering methods of giving future Eric owners the added option of having them fully automated if they wish to accept the extra costs involved.

Initial thoughts were to use one four-inch actuated valve on the inlet line from the bottom drain and a second four-inch actuated valve on the line to the waste as seen here on a multi-Eric installation.

4inch bottom drain lines with automatic valves

On a two-valve installation, a four-channel programmable control unit is also required to operate the water pump and this also adds to the overall costs.

Here’s another idea that we are considering at the moment whereby a three-way actuated 4” valve may well be a more economical option.

Three-way actuated 4” valve

This set-up may well be possible to operate with only a two-channel programmable control unit, which will further reduce the end price.

Will post again when more details are available.


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