Surrey Koi Pond Conversion

Another old 1996 filter system in Surrey removed and replaced by an Eric Four on a 3,500-gallon rectangular pond with a centrally placed bottom drain to 4” tube.

Old Vortex units to be replaced by ERIC Four

This installation was carried out entirely by the owner single-handedly and the existing system had been running for almost sixteen years.

In terms of man-hours it took around 20 hours for him to complete from shutting down the existing system, removing it and installing the new unit and pipelines.

This next shot shows how small the Eric Four unit is in comparison to the old system.

ERIC Four size comparison next to old Vortex unit

I’ll leave this next shot to the readers.

Something we don't like to see

This shows the space taken up by the old units.

Old filtration pit where ERIC Four is going to be situated

A support needed building at the correct level to take the much shallower Eric unit.

Support needed to get correct water level for ERIC Four Filter

This shows the Eric Four unit in situ.

ERIC Four in situ

This shows the final installation with ample access for ‘the daily dump’.

Converted filter pit with ample access to flush the ERIC Four

Clarity is already excellent.

Picture of Koi pond with new ERIC Four pond filtration

The filter system aside – that’s a lovely Koi pond!

STOP PRESS – this brand new filter has only been running with a good stock of Koi for 3.5 days. pH good, ammonia zero, nitrite 0.3.

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