Herve Duvert, France – Testimonial

I have used 4 ERIC Three filters for 6 months on my pond of 75m3.

I am completely satisfied with this installation; chemicals parameters on my water are good and the visual quality is excellent.

I also use a submerged 75 watts U/V.

The persons who come to visit the pond are amazed to see my Koi very clearly even at the bottom of the 2.40m deep pond.

For me it’s a real pleasure to see my koi swimming in very clear water.

I clean the filters that every other day, it seems to me at the moment sufficient because I have only 25 koi (between 40 and 65 cm), this maintenance take me only a few minutes a day.

What is interressant with ERIC filters is that they do not require a PRE FILTRE (in french sorry) and that the water pumps used are little and thus do not consume a lot of electricity.

Herve in France running ERIC Filters

Herve in France running ERIC Filters 1

100% satisfied !!!

Herve Duvert, France.


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