Mr Tan Testimonial

The First ERIC System in Asia
An interview with Mr Tan on the first ERIC System in Asia.

Q. Why did you ask Peter to design your first Koi pond?

A. I requested Mr Peter to undertake this major project because I am sure he is the best person for the job. He has vast knowledge and experience in Koi keeping and pond building. Mr Peter was highly recommended to me by a close friend.
In fact, Mr Peter personally arrived from England to supervise the project. This is a pleasant surprise!

Q. Why do you prefer shuttered concrete rather than blocks?

A. First, we have to consider our tropical climate in this part of Asia that different in terms of pond structure changes compared to the four season climate. For example, we do not need heater piping system on the pond base or face the freezing winter temperature in the UK, Europe or America.

Second, we are also more comfortable with the cost of raw materials and labour here.

Thirdly, in my long years of building construction experience, shuttered concrete is the best material for pond building. This pond is built in shuttered concrete as a single block. The entire pond, including the 9 inch walls and pond base is cast as a single unit. With shuttered concrete, we can easily include double-beamed steel frames to strengthen the walls and the pond base. Similarly, the UPVC piping can easily be buried within the shuttered concrete.

This construction as a single unit means any earth movement or erosion will not have a major impact on the pond structure. I believe this pond is leak-proof.

Q. Are you happy with the finished system?

A. Yes, I am pleased with this pond.
In fact, I built two ponds with this same ERIC System! The first pond, measuring 18 x 16 x 6 ft, was found to be not ideally located upon completion!

I was very worried because the new site requires a larger pond measuring 18 x 22 x 6 ft instead and the ERIC Three System for the original dimension had arrived from England. But, much to my surprise, Mr Peter was certain this same system can handle the extra volume.

We then dismantled the first pond and rebuilt a new one on another part of the compound. The same ERIC Filtration System since has kept the water in good condition from day one and it requires no maintenance.

The Koi are growing very well and my family and friends are able to enjoy the ambience of this pond.

Q. What is the total volume of your system?

A. This pond holds approximately 72,000 litres.

Q. How many Koi did you introduce and when?

A. I introduced 22 Koi in three batches since mid 2010.

Q. Please give average sizes of the Koi when they were first introduced.

A. Twenty of the Koi ranged from less than 30 cm to 40 cm. Two larger Koi were 45 cm each.

Q. Please give averages sizes of the Koi now.

A. The largest Koi about 70 cm and the average size is between 50 to 55 cm.

Q. How often do you discharge your four Eric filters?

A. The ERIC Units were each discharged between 1 to 3 days in pairs.

Q. Do you consider that it’s simple to clean your filters properly?

A. Yes, the ERIC filters are very simple to clean. It takes about 10 minutes for the entire operation from pump switch off, discharge, pressure hose the filter blocks and restarting the pump.

Q. Have there been any signs of hikui or shimi on your Koi?

A. No, I have not seen hikui or shimi or any other skin or health problem with the Koi in this pond.

Footnote from Waddy – Mr. Tan speaks little English, all my dealings with him have been through his friend Dr. Louis Leh who carried out the interview.

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