A new Eric koi pond installation in North West England.

Final update 23/4/13

Isn’t it rewarding when a plan finally comes together?

Paul and Ian have been busying themselves with putting the icing on the cake and this does takes some time to complete.

A housing was required to disguise the pump and valve assembly that controls the waterfall.


Then the housing itself needed landscaping.

Landscape around pipes

Landscape around pond

Then there’s much more work to carry out in building the inside structure of the waterfall before finally placing the rocks in the correct position.

Koi Pond Waterfall

Add to this, the garden needed a severe tidy, then there are the plants and much other landscaping to complete.

And here is the finished picture as seen only a day ago.

Beautifully finished koi pond

I’ll try to get another shot taken in some month’s time when everything will start to mature.

This is what I term as a perfect Koi pond where all one sees is the water and the Koi.

No ugly pipelines, no electrical wires, no pumps, no filtration and no other equipment can be seen!

But just as a reminder, this pond holds 11,400 gallons (52,000 litres) of water, which is filtered by two Eric Four units and nothing else.


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