AT LAST – Waddy puts his money where his mouth is!

Waddy’s blog 12/09/13

There will be future test videos made showing the various capabilities that my filter systems can offer the user.

If the truth is known the possibilities are almost endless.

This video test was made on my own 16,500-gallon pond that has four independent bottom drains supplying water to a single, standard Eric Four filter system. The purpose of the test was to show that the mechanical brush box could easily handle ALL the debris produced in the pond over a SEVEN-day period.

During these seven days the four incoming drain lines were individually supplying the filter on a rota basis and the golden rule of one drain to one filter to one pump still applied.

After the seven-day period was over, this video was filmed to show exactly what had been trapped by the brush box and how simple and quick it was to drain, clean and return the filter to being brand new once more.

Please bear in mind that, in normal running applications; this should have been carried out on a daily basis, which could all have been completed in a few minutes.

In a nutshell, this single Eric Four filter had been handling the total pond debris produced for seven days that really should have been handled by four Eric Four filters on a daily basis.

Other information to note –

The pond contained 57 Koi from 8” to 26” – an average would be 15”.

The food fed (all sinking) consisted of boiled rice, cooked chopped mussels, cooked chopped prawns, white Alaska Pollock meat and boiled pearl barley.

The quantities fed were high but all the food was eaten.

Water readings throughout were perfect.

But there’s much more to point out –

This entire filtration system uses only one 180w water pump and only one 120w air pump!


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