AT LAST – Waddy puts his money where his mouth is!

Waddy’s blog 25/09/13

There were many out there reading this thread who said that 67 Koi were not really a test for a 16,500-gallon pond so some days ago I increased the stocking rate and now there are 142 Koi in the pond.

I’m also feeding huge amounts of the food I make up that contains rice, sweet corn, grated cheese, prawns, diced vegetables, Alaska Pollock sticks, chopped mussels and tinned salmon.

Food for Koi

As you can appreciate, it’s a pretty sloppy mess when added but the Koi love it although it does turn the water cloudy for a couple of hours. The photo shows the ‘oil slick’ on the surface of the water when the food is fed.

Koi in Peter Waddingtons Pond

Water quality readings remain the same as always –

pH – 7.5

Nitrite – 0.1 or 0.2?

Ammonia – 0

Dissolved Oxygen content – 6.00

I’m still dumping all the waste from the four drain lines directly into the filter, believe me that’s a huge amount of waste per day but the brush box keeps it out of the bio stage.

From now on, all E2.5 units, all E3 units and E4 units will be supplied with this 3-stage brush box, the efficiency is increased and it’s far easier to handle and clean.

New Brush Box


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